Every Friday our whole base stops whatever we’re doing and head right to the heart of our city at the Adelaide CBD to share the love of God with whoever is ready to receive it. We love meeting new people weekly and being able to share the hope we have in Christ! 


Great conversations, healing, acts of kindness, prayer amongst many other interactions are surely a part of engaging with people when we go out there! If there’s a right way to do it? YES, there is only one right way to do it and that way is LOVE.

We believe the gospel message is crucial when it comes to evangelism, however we don’t go out to merely inform people about the good news, and then head back home, but we hope they will experience the tangible power and joy that it is to receive the good news. That is why we believe that all our speech must be motivated by love alone and backed up with the same attitude we see in Jesus. 

The gospel works and it is the power of God unto salvation! 

From time to time we run seminars on evangelism for the church in case any of you would like to go deeper into it.