We are a community of young families, kids and singles of all ages,
with plenty of space for all!

The family atmosphere here will make you feel at home straight away.

Our property in the Adelaide hills is surrounded by open fields and vineyards which provides amazing views and on top of all that, a waterfall just a little walk away.
It’s very common to see kangaroos and koalas around the place, these surroundings set a perfect environment to connect with God and His creation.


The best part of living in community is to be around people who care for you and enjoy doing life with you. We always have fun doing things together, whether it be working, playing games, cooking, going camping and more. The abiding culture cultivated here has brought us to a place of constant learning and growth as we journey with God and one another.
Becoming a part of this family will take you to new depths in your walk with God and discovering your identity in Him.


YWAM Adelaide has stolen our hearts from the first moment we arrived here.
We’re so happy to call this place home and to be able to invite others into the journey of what God is doing here. To be entrusted and speaking into young people’s lives is a great honour and blessing for us as a family. We’re excited to see where God leads them in the future, whether near or far, and to meet all the ones that are still to come.

So we say in advance: Welcome to the family!

André and Isabell Agostini

When God led me to staff, I had no idea what was in store. I didn’t expect how God would shift & expand my faith, and the way I viewed my identity. I grew in relationship not only with Him, but also with those around me. YWAM Adelaide is a community that truly values connecting, and being a part of a family.
Ocean Trimboli
Former Staff