Passion & Pursuit DTS

Embark on a this life-changing journey with the Passion & Pursuit Discipleship Training School (DTS), where we are all about seeing a generation of young people passionately pursuing the presence of Jesus. Cultivating a passion for Jesus within us paves the way to the life He calls us into, overflowing from a place of intimacy and abiding connection with Him. 

During our time together in this DTS, we’re setting aside moments entirely focused on His presence, specially through Prayer and Worship. It’s a unique opportunity to silence the noise of life and focus wholeheartedly on knowing God and making Him known.

So, if you’re someone who wants to grow in your relationship with God, discover your identity and purpose, and make some forever friends, then this DTS is perfect for you! Join us, and let’s dive into an awesome adventure together with Jesus!

TO KNOW GOD (Lecture Phase)
Spend the first 12 weeks living with friends in a discipleship community located in the Adelaide Hills, surrounded by nature  but only a short distance from the city and the beach. Each week we have guest speakers who come from different ministries to share with you – covering topics like: Hearing God’s voice, The Father Heart of God, Relationships, Spiritual Warfare, World Missions and more.

TO MAKE GOD KOWN (Outreach Phase)
After the lecture phase, you will put what you have learned into practice on an 8-10 week cross-cultural outreach. This is where the real adventure begins! Travel to strategic far-out locations – bringing the gospel and love of Jesus to this generation.


  • 2nd of September 2024  to February 2025


Lecture phase:  Food and accommodation, airport transfers, laundry facilities and use of our campus facilities including library, TV room,  lecture rooms, prayer room, games area, outdoor area, some of the  group activities off campus  etc… (Additional to this cost will be your medical insurance needed while being in Australia)

Outreach Phase:
 included in your outreach fees will be all of the expenses incurred whilst being on outreach. Airfares, all meals, transportation, visa costs, insurances and ministry costs.

*Prices are subject to change and can vary due to flights costs and different destinations.
It does not include: Visa costs to Australia, airfare/transportation to and from Adelaide, and personal expenses such as toiletries, laundry, snacks, postage,  as well as your day off expenses.
Frequently asked  questions 

Anyone can apply, but the applications are not automatically accepted, each application must be reviewed and prayed over by the school leadership.
We have all kinds of people applying for a DTS, some are pretty sure of what they are looking for in life and what to expect, others may still be searching; some will come with a series of questions and struggles or just wanting to know more about God and missions

$4,500 AUD –  Lecture phase (Approx $2,950 USD)

 $3,500 to $4,500AUD – outreach and travel expenses (subjected to change because of travel costs)

Your course fee includes 12 weeks of missions training and 9 to 12 weeks of outreach. The training includes all of your meals, accommodation, wifi, laundry facilities, airport transfers, and use of our campus facilities including library, TV room, lecture rooms, prayer room, outdoor area etc…
Your outreach fees include all your meals, accommodation, visa (if required) and field supplies.
Your outreach travel expenses will include any flights, ferries, buses, or other transport required to get to your outreach location.

To be a Christian and be at least 18 years of age.
to have successfully completed the application process and have been accepted.

Adelaide is known as the city of churches as well as the city of festival; Big on sporting and arts events, and is also home to the Barossa Valley which is known around the world for its quality wines.
There’s a world of new experiences and things to do in South Australia. Get up-close to iconic Australian wildlife only minutes away from Adelaide’s CBD, beautiful beaches all across our peninsulas, coastlines and an amazing outback experience!

All fees are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Fees, charges and refunds

Clear, accurate and current information regarding fees, charges, method of payment and refund policy will be provided to all prospective students.

The timetable of payments for DTS is as follows:

No application fee.

 lecture phase  must be paid 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the course. *
Full fees for the field work (outreach) phase must be paid by week 6 of the lecture phase.
By accepting an offer of a place at YWAM Adelaide, a student is entering into an agreement that is stipulated in the Letter of Offer. Payment of tuition fees in full or in part indicates that such an agreement exists between the student and the school. Should circumstances change after receiving an offer, fees will only be refunded in accordance with the refund policy below.

Refund Policy:

Prior to commencement of the course:

Where the course is cancelled the school will refund the fees in full.
When the Australian government authorities refuse to grant a visa, the school will refund all fees paid. The letter of refusal document must be sent to the school and must provide proof of refusal by the Australian government.
Where the school receives written notice of withdrawal prior to the commencement of the course, the school will refund all fees paid less the $420 enrolment deposit;

After commencement of the course:

When the student withdraws from the course during week one, the school will refund 90% of the total classroom phase fees – less $420 enrolment deposit, administration fees, and the application fee.
When the student withdraws from the course during week two, the school will refund 60% of the total classroom phase fees – less $420 enrolment deposit, administration fees and the application fee.
When the student withdraws from the course during the third or fourth week, the school will refund 30% of the total classroom phase fees – less $420 enrolment deposit, administration fees and the application fee.
When the student withdraws from the course after the end of the fourth week no refund will be given.

Field Assignment (outreach) Phase:

Final costs of the field assignment phase will be announced during the classroom phase. Field assignment costs are non-refundable except under special circumstances (ill health, etc) where the amount refunded will be determined according to the circumstance.


Any refunds over $500 will be paid to the person who originally paid the course fees.

*If you have any issues meeting this deadline, please contact our registrar who can discuss further options with you.