During our evangelism seminar we will equip Christians to live a lifestyle of evangelism. Our heart is to see people understand that their identity in Christ empowers them to live a life of bearing fruit and participating in God’s command of preaching the gospel to every person! Not only will you be trained in how to share the gospel through practical serving, but you’ll also learn how to step out and boldly proclaim the gospel to those you meet on the streets through the power of the spirit. During the seminar you can expect class time instruction, activation, and opportunities to go out and do evangelism as well.

Discipleship Training Week

The Discipleship training week is designed to stir an awakening in people to their identity and purpose and how it all fits within fulfilling the great commission! ⁠This course is a condensed and compacted version of our Discipleship Training School lecture phase (3 out of 6 months) which is a much more complete and structured discipleship program. ⁠We understand not everyone has the ability to spare 6 months of their lives, so we decided to bring a taste of the YWAM teachings to you! ⁠If you’d like to participate or bring this to your Church/youth group on school holidays or even explore a one day a week model for those who work full time we’d love to talk to you! Topics such as hearing God’s voice, Lordship, Evangelism/Missions, Identity in Christ, the Father heart of God and more are taught on the DTW. ⁠

Identity in Christ

Our identity in Christ seminar is a 10 day course exploring the depth and wonder of what happened when Jesus died on the cross. We’ll look in depth at the implications of what the saying ‘Identity in Christ’ really means and how it applies to our life. We believe that every believer was made to walk like Jesus and represent Him in everyday life and this seminar will equip any believer to do just that. Join us for 10 days that will impact the rest of your life!